If you are somehow interested in me, there are a few things you might want to know:

About sex
I like it, very much and often. I'm a voyeur and also a bit exhibitionist. Dominant Female in a D/s context, kinky, fetishist, and very sexual. I could paste my BDSM test results here, but the fact that I was horny as hell since the start while doing it tells more about me than any numbers could. I'm not into girls. If we fuck do you agree that I can make pictures. My concept of  "fucking" includes a wide range of pleasures, definitely not limited to genital sex: your tongue between my toes, that is also fucking (and I love it).

About relationships
I'm rather monogamous, but could try other arrangements. I'm single in the last months and having fun as a single woman should. That doesn't mean I'm not searching for that one connection. I am, I crave for depths. Maybe it could start just as fun and grow with time, or maybe it will be an instant overwhelming love affair. I just know I have been there before, and that's what I'm looking for, but I will respect my rhythm - and yours.

About photography
I'm more interested in making erotic images than anything else, and willing to explore the erotic from a female point of view. Sometimes I'm in a mood to make something more arty, sometimes I just want to register the facts of life (like a little SL diary, PG stuff included), and sometimes I just want to make explicit porn stuff (happens in the best families).

Dear Collector,

We hate you. Sex loses all its power and magic when it becomes explicit, mechanical, overdone, when it becomes a mechanistic obsession. It becomes a bore. You have taught us more than anyone I know how wrong it is not to mix it with emotion, hunger, desire, lust, whims, caprices, personal ties, deeper relationships which change its color, flavor, rhythms, intensities.

You do not know what you are missing by your microscopic examination of sexual activity to the exclusion of others, which are the fuel that ignites it. Intellectual, imaginative, romantic, emotional. This is what gives sex its surprising textures, its subtle transformations, its aphrodisiac elements. You are shrinking your world of sensations. You are withering it, starving it, draining its blood.

If you nourished your sexual life with all the excitements and adventures which love injects into sensuality, you would be the most potent man in the world. The source of sexual power is curiosity, passion. You are watching its little flame die of asphyxiation. Sex does not thrive on monotony. Without feeling, inventions, moods, no surprises in bed. Sex must be mixed with tears, laughter, words, promises, scenes, jealousy, envy, all of the spices of fear, foreign travel, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasies, music, dancing, opium, wine.

How much do you lose by this periscope at the tip of your sex, when you could enjoy a harem of discrete and never-repeated wonders? Not two hairs alike, but you will not let us waste words on a description of hair; not two odors, but if we expand on this, you cry "Cut the poetry." Not two skins with the same texture, and never the same light, temperature, shadows, never the same gesture; for a lover, when he is aroused by true love, can run the gamut of centuries of love lore, What a range, what changes of age, what variations of maturity and innocence, perversity and art, natural and graceful animals.

We have sat around for hours and wondered how you look. If you have closed your senses around silk, light, color, odor, character, temperament, you must by now be completely shriveled up. There are so many minor senses, all running like tributaries into the mainstream of sex, nourishing it. Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.

 A letter from Anaïs Nin to the collector. The Diary Of Anaïs Nin, Volume 3; 1939-1944.

"How do I look to him?...she asked herself. She got up and brought a long mirror towards the window. She stood it on the floor against a chair. Then she sat down in front of it on the rug and, facing it, slowly opened her legs. The sight was enchanting.  The skin was flawless, the vulva, roseate and full. She thought it was like the gum plant leaf with its secret milk that the pressure of the finger could bring out, the odorous moisture that came like the moisture of the sea shells. So was Venus born of the sea with this little kernel of salty honey in her, which only caresses could bring out of the hidden recesses of her body.  Mathilde wondered if she could bring it out of its mysterious core ith her fingers she pened the two little lips of the vulva,  and she began stroking it with catlike softness. Back and forth she stroked it as Martinez did with his more nervous dark fingers. She remembered his dark fingers on her skin, such a contrast to her skin, and the thickness of them seeming to promise to hurt the skin rather than arouse pleasure by their touch. How delicately he touched it, she thought, how he held the vulva between his fingers, as if he were touching velvet. She held it now as he did, in her forefinger and thumb. With the other free hand she continued the caresses. She felt the same dissolving feeling that she felt under Martinez's fingers. From somewhere a salty liquid was coming, covering the wings of her  sex; between these it now shone."  Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus.